Thursday, December 23, 2010

my sick little girl

My little girl has had a long week. On Monday I saw the signs of a cold coming on and then by Tuesday it was full blown. On Tuesday evening after I put Jaclyn to bed she woke up within 30 minutes of falling asleep. She was crying and having a hard time breathing. 
Over the next two hours she slept very little and was coughing and wheezing. 
Jaclyn has had asthma for some time and when she is sick it acts up even more. At one point after I had settled her and she was sleeping again. I was sitting in her room with my hand on her chest praying over her when I felt her stop breathing three different times. I have never seen her do this before so I called my husband (who was at a meeting) and told him I needed to take Jaclyn into the hospital to find out why she was having difficulty breathing. He came straight home and my girlfriend arrived at the same time to sit with David.
After getting to the hospital we waited for about an hour and a half before we saw the doctor and by then her breathing had started to settle back to normal. After seeing the doctor we found out that she needed a stronger inhaler to add to the first inhaler that she was already on. Her asthma gets really bad when she is sick and right now with her cold her asthma is bad. I guess I should get use to with two kids with asthma.

I got her home that night and we started right away on the secondary inhaler which helped with her breathing almost immediately. 
Unfortunately, this isn't the end of the story, because since Tuesday night, she has had a fever that has been getting worse over the last few days. Last night her fever got as high as 103.2 F. I managed to get her fever down to somewhere between 100 F and 101 F with a cool bath. Today when I was getting her ready for another bath she had a rash on her lower back and hips so I again took her into the doctor to get her checked out. It turns out that she now has a ear infection that is the cause of her high fevers. So now she is on a medication that should help her feel better soon. 
Hopefully Jaclyn will be able feel better now that she is on the right medications and be able to enjoy Christmas in two days.



Marilyn L said...

Poor little girl, and poor mommy! Such a frightening experience as a parent! You are in my prayers.

Clara said...

I'm so sad to see her that way. So how is she now? Hope she's doing fine. Our kids are among the most important people in our lives. As a parent, we don't want to see our kids sick. It hurts us so much. As much as possible, we take them immediately to their doctor for them to feel well again.