Saturday, August 16, 2008

Growing way to Fast!!

Jaclyn is growing so fast these days!! Ever since Jaclyn was about two months old she has been trying to sit up when she is laying on her back and last week she started to sit on her own. I have to help her into the sitting position but once she is there she can sit for up to twenty minutes without help. She is also rolling both ways and in the last few weeks she started to move herself around the living room carpet. She moves the best backwards and around in circles, I think that crawling will be soon! I will put her on the floor and go to the other room and when I come back she is on the other side of the room, its crazy that my baby can move so much on her own. Lately she likes to get herself under the couch. I am not sure if she does this on purpose but she does it ever couple of days.

Here she is with over half her body under the couch
David thought he should join her!


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