Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Week Today

Well today David is one week old and I have to say that I have loved the last week watching him as he is discovering the world around him, and I am looking forward to watching him as he grows up. I am not sure as to how much the average new baby stays awake but David loves to be awake and looking around at his suroundings. In the past few days he has had a time in the morning and afternoon where he will stay awake. During this time I will talk to him and he will just stare up at me (I love being his mom) or I will put him down on the couch and he looks around taking everything in. In the evenings when Chris comes home David and Daddy hang out on the couch, its wonderful to watch the two men in my life together.
David is already starting to develop his personality. He is starting to smile at us when we talk to him. I feel very blessed and am very glad that David is here. He makes me so happy and is a wonderful addition to our family.


debrowns said...

Congrats to you both. That's a good looking boy and to think you named him after me :) We passed through Kamloops (gas/McD's) on our way back to Grande Prairie from Summerland. Wish we'd had more time as we'd love to see the new addition (meeting your wife would be a good thing too!) Maybe next time.

Dave Brown

LoisLane said...

That kid is dang cute:-) Can't wait to see ya'll in August (I've booked off the day that of the baby shower, so I won't have to rush away to work)!
Congrats from my whole fam!



the Doug said...

That's some sweet stuff. Blessings.