Thursday, July 20, 2006

David Cole Heimsoth

We would like to announce the Birth of David Cole Heimsoth on July 19th, 2006. He came into this world at 3:01pm wide awake and ready to take everything in. He was quite excited to come out and meet everyone. He weighed in at just over 6 pounds and 12 ounces. We were very happy to meet him and there was many tears shed by both Katherine and myself.

David is such an amazing child. He was so smart that he picked up the whole breastfeeding thing in no time, and got his bowels working and all that other good stuff. The Hospital staff was so impressed with how fast he got the hang off "life on the outside" that they let us all go home a day early, after just 27 hours in the hospital since David was born.


the Doug said...

Woot Woot! Wahoo! I'm pumped. Good deal Heimsoths! Congrats!

monica said...

ok, i have to agree that you have a pretty cute baby! the only rival in my world would be my chubby little girl Rachel :)

Aunty Tara said...

Soooo exciting!!! Congrats again you guys. He is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the pics and the updates, it makes being away a bit easier. Miss you all, and can't wait to meet David. Tara

Grandpa checkiing in ... said...

Congratulations Chris and Katherine!!!
David is such a cute little guy. It is so great of you to post some pictures for all to see - thanks so much!
I am sure you are both proud parents ... as you should be.... just look what comes from your great love for each other!
We are looking forward to our visit next month ;-)
Hugs to all
Greg and Lynn

auntie sue said...

congratulations guys, what a cute baby, makes me want to have another... wait no, I am going insane... my twins are 10 years old... help me keep my sanity...nooooooooooooooo... I am snapping back to reality. OK, I'm back. Yikes! I almost lost it there. Keep the pics coming, and keep on wondering at every little thing. Those moments never come again. All the best, Sue, Aubry, Syd, Rory