Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Everything

One of the most amazing things for us as new parents is how everything, even the mundane and ordinary stuff is exciting, because it's the first time we do it with David, and the first time period for David. We wanted to go for a walk around the neiborhood, but it has been so hot that we had to wait till this morning to go, since it was much cooler if you are out before 9am. So we got to break in the stroller and David got to cruise around, though he did seem to be content to sleep through most of the trip, I am sure he enjoyed the time with his parents in a new setting.

We (Katherine and I) find ourselves getting all gushy and picture crazy over every little thing, like his first time on a car ride, or first bath at home, or any number of other things. It's kind of crazy really, but a very good kind of crazy if you ask me. We are about to get David weighed in. Not for a boxing match or anything, just cuz that is what you do with new babies, make sure they are gaining weight(or not lossing too much in the first few days) and that everything is healthy. So we must go now and meet the Nurse.



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Mike said...

It's awesome to see all of the pictures. I'm loving the new nephew, and I can't wait to finally meet him.