Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow is a inservice day at Davids school, which of course means no school.

This evening as the kids and I started to plan what we would do tomorrow one of the suggestions that David had was "cleaning". Yup you read that right cleaning!

David loves to clean, he always has. I have had both my kids a part of my daily cleaning their whole lives. David has always loved it and get energized by cleaning and organizing. Which I understand because I am the same way. Where as Jaclyn is more like her daddy in were they will clean when it's needed but they won't go looking for something to organize just for fun.
It made me giggle that out of all the things that David talks about missing when he is at school such as playing with his sister, staying in pjs for the day or even watching a movie the one thing he wants to make sure we do on his extra day off is clean.

So it looks like our day tomorrow will include things like, a picnic in the living room, puzzles, reading books together, a movie and cleaning!


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