Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Day

Every year since David was a baby I have done something little for my kids on Valentines day. Most years the kids wake up to a little surprise waiting for them. There are always something pink or red, hearts and balloons involved. 
This year with Valentines day being on a Tuesday and David in school now I didn't have it ready for them in the morning, instead it was in the afternoon.

 Chris had this wonderful idea to have a treasure hunt for the kids.
He made two maps for them to follow.  The first map was in the living room and it lead them through the house to the bathroom under the sink and then the second one lead them back through the house to the living room to find a box with more little goodies in them. 

 Both kids had a lot of fun and Chris and I really enjoyed watching them.

After the treasure hunt was over and the kids were off playing with their new treasures I made a Valentines dinner for the kids. 
Heart cookies for dessert.

I enjoy doing these fun little suprises for them, I think it makes for great memories.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.


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Janice unicycle said...

looks like great time. good idea!