Friday, January 27, 2012

My poor sick kids

Well I am now on day 8 of staying home with two sick kids. David has missed this whole week of school and Jaclyn and I have had to cancelled two different outings.

Last week it started with Jaclyn having the flu and David having a cold. They have now shared with each other and Jaclyn is now fighting a cold as she tries to heal from her flu and David has the flu on top of his cold. It's been a long week here at our house.

I have now lost track of how many boxes of Kleenex we have gone through and how many loads of laundry have been done this week. I also feel like a broken record with every ten minutes I am saying "cover your mouth when you cough" or "go blow your nose" and "remember to wash your hands".

I am hoping and praying that we are at the end of this sickness and that we can all get back to our normal routine soon. If you are the praying type please pray that my kids return to their normal health soon.

Here is a list I am thankful for this week: Netflix, Tylenol, my iPad, cozy blankets, apple juice, tea and most of all my husband. Chris comes home from work and helps me with the laundry, cooking, cleaning and the kids. In fact Chris is so wonderful that he lets me sleep at night and he gets up with them when they wake up from coughing. I am blessed.

Here are some pictures I took of the kids on the couch this week.


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