Monday, January 23, 2012


Here is a glimpse into our last year.

We having been trying to sell our house and after over seven months it is now sold. Praise God! We are now getting ready to move onto a smaller house which will suit our family and needs much better.

I have also been struggling with health issues which has been hard on me as well as my family. God blessed me more than I could ever imagined when he gave me Chris as a husband and David and Jaclyn as my children.

Chris is the most supportive man I have ever met, he works hard at his job and then comes home and helps me with the kids and housework. He also has me rest as often as he can.

David loves school and has been learning a lot and we are very pleased with is teacher, she really loves her class and it shows in her teaching. When he comes home he is excited to play with his sister and to tell me all about his day. David is also learning to read and is getting excited about the idea of reading by himself.

Jaclyn loves to have "girls days" with me while our boys are at work and school. We will play together. Then though out the day she will will want to play by herself while I rest. She's awesome! She has such an amazing imagination and is always pretending to be a character from a book or movie.

I sure do love my family they are a blessing to me everyday. They can always make me smile and I love spending my days with all of them.


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