Friday, October 28, 2011

Toothless Princess

When Jaclyn started to get her teeth 3 years ago, we noticed that she had an extra tooth overlapping two of her front teeth. After the "three in one" as we started to call them came through, I brought her to the dentist to see what we could do to help her. I was told then by that dentist and then by two others over the last three years that she was too young to have her teeth removed or we should wait until she is older (6 or so) until we remove any teeth. 

Over this time I have lost track of her fat lips due to her teeth sticking out in the front. Then last Christmas she broke off a part of the extra tooth and I was still told to wait. 

I was starting to get really tired of hearing I had to wait until she was older while at the same time having my daughter tell me that her teeth were hurting her.

So in August I requested again to see a pediatric dentist. They called back when I was away and then within 24 hours of calling them back I had her in.  After taking a look, we were told that she needed to have them removed immediately (and should have had them removed earlier) because of the teeth basically dying from being too close together.  So she was soon booked in for the removal of her "three in one". Actually she was booked for the next morning!
After waiting three years to get a straight answer of when we would remover her "sick teeth" as she called them. I waited a total of three days from my phone call to the removal. 

Three cheers for pediatric specialist!!

Here are some pictures I took of Jaclyn while we waited for her mini surgery.

She was a real trooper through the whole experience. 

Here are some pictures of her now that her "sick teeth" are gone.

My toothless princess!


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Sean Butcher said...

I'm glad your waiting paid off. Overlapped teeth need not be removed if they do not interfere with your eating and biting. Anyway, congratulations to your princess, Katherine. Woody looks pretty happy about it too.