Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend at a Cabin

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I escaped for three days with a friend and her daughter to her family cabin. It was a wonderful little getaway! Both David and Jaclyn had a great time. 
The first thing David said while we were there was "Wow, this is wonderful, we will have so much fun here, its perfect".

Before we arrived at the cabin we decided to go to the beach. As we were starting to get ourselves organized at the beach I asked the kids if they wanted to stay for a long time and play in the sand or just a few minutes? David looked up at me and said "Maybe just a few minutes, we want to get to the cabin". Naomi and I laughed, so we stayed for only a few minutes. However I was able to get enough pictures of us there so at least it seem like we were there for longer then 10 minutes. 

Before we got to the cabin, when we talked about the trip, Jaclyn and David weren't sure as to what exactly a cabin was (having never been to one) but they sure were excited to go. 
As you can imagine, having now experienced the fun of a cabin, they have already asked me more than a few times when we can go back up.


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