Monday, November 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I just love Christmas!!
I start to play Christmas music on November 1st and then we decorate our house sometime in the last two weeks of November.

Both of my kids love Christmas as well and they start to ask when we can decorate our house even before they hear Christmas music, and even more after they have seen the first snow fall. David has asked us everyday for the last few weeks if today is the day that we will decorate for Christmas.

I am happy that are kids have had such good memories with Christmas and that they get excited about doing things like putting up decorations. This afternoon, after what seemed like the longest wait for my kids, we brought out the decorations. David got home from school and we decorated our tree and our house together as a family.

 My little girl after the tree was up.
 Our Tree
I asked David if I could take his picture with the tree and this is the pose he gave me.
 The kids watching a Winnie the Pooh Christmas movie after decorating.

This week I should be able to finish up my Christmas shopping and start on my Christmas baking. It is amazing how putting up a tree and decorations really feels like the Christmas season has fully come.


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ReneƩ said...

Okay, when did David become a rapper? He totally looks like he is getting ready for his Christmas rap cd.

Hey, what is the kids fav. Christmas movie? Just wondering which ones that Benard might like, and Quinlan in the future.