Monday, July 05, 2010

sick kids + vacation = tired mommy

The kids and I are currently on holidays visiting some of our family. Unfortunately both of my kids have developed a bit of a tummy bug that is mostly coming out in diarrhea . They are both having a hard time eating much of anything, in fact I am at the point where if they ask for something even if that is all they have eaten for the last two days I will give it to them, just so they eat. 
Today the only thing that Jaclyn would eat was milk and yogurt tubes. And David has had milk and buns. 

Poor kids. It sucks being sick on vacation.

Today turned out to be a nice day here and some of my family came over for a visit, David and Jaclyn were really excited to play with their cousins. Unfortunately they were both having a hard time. Jaclyn ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and David was able to go swimming with the rest of the kids but was still overly emotional due to feeling sick. I even had to put them to bed before everyone left because they were so tired. 

Hopefully a good nights sleep will do them and me some good and they will be up for more vacation fun tomorrow.


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