Tuesday, July 13, 2010

busy - busy

So I have been really busy for the last week. Chris and I are in the middle of looking into some changes for our little family but at the moment I am not able to share the details, all I can do is ask the if you pray that you could pray for guidance for Chris and I in our current decisions. 

The kids are doing well, David is turning four this week and we are having a Toy Story Party for him and he is really excited. Jaclyn in learning how to count and today counted up to twenty. She is constantly amazing me with how much she is learning. 
The kids and I are having a great time swimming and visiting with family and friends.

This week I am getting ready for a birthday party. I am going to make a Toy Story cake, I have an idea in my mind I am just hoping that I can get it out on the cake. I will post pictures after the party.


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