Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Fun!

I love spending time outside with my family. This last weekend we spent most of the time outside enjoying the sun! We went to White Rock beach, which is one of my favorite places to spend time. Both Chris and I just love the sounds and smells of the beach! It seems that our children enjoy it also. We had a wonderful time, we walked along the beach, looked at a big sandcastle, watched the planes fly by, had a picnic and ice cream. David has been asking everyday since if we can go back. I think that we will be making more trips to the beach this summer. We also went for a walk to a park. Chris and I are going to try and go for a walk with the kids every day that it is not raining so that we can all enjoy the weather and parks around here. It is wonderful that Jaclyn and David are getting older and both enjoy getting outside more to play.

Jaclyn's first time putting her feet in the ocean.

David playing in the water and watching a plane fly by.
Playing at the park
Picnic time

Running in the field
"Flower for mom"



Tarasview said...

oh I love that beach so much!!!

the Doug said...

ya, we got married not far from there. (And yes I know I'm like weeks late commenting...)