Monday, April 20, 2009

David's Eyes

Well David has been wearing glasses now for about 4 months. He didn't like them at first because he couldn't understand why he was wearing them. He is doing really good now and wears them all the time.
When we first started the process of finding out that he needing glasses, how strong his prescription would be and how his eyes are developing. We also started talking to his Dr's about if he was going to need surgery on his eyes to correct his cross-eyes. After more tests last Friday they decided that he would need the corrective surgery. They said that he will still need his glasses but he would be able to focus better when his eyes are straight.
His surgery is booked for April 3o (thirteen days after they told me he would need it). It is only a day surgery, if fact the procedure is about 25 minutes and the rest of the time we will be there will be in prep time or recovery time. In all it will be about 4 hours.
I have started to talk to David about the fact that we are going to the hospital to have a nap so that the Dr's can look at his eyes. At the moment he thinks that the whole thing will be an adventure and today even told a lady at the store "the Bob & Larry book is for when I go to the hospital to have a nap so that the Dr's can look at my eyes". The saleswoman had no idea what he was talking about but it shows me that he is starting to understand what is going to happen.
Although he seems to understand it now I hope that he still looks at it as an adventure after his surgery! I can't help but be a little concerned as his mother, even though it is only a little surgery.


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