Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Davids New Glasses

Well, David had a big week this past week. I had written a post about how David was going to need glasses. Last Thursday we took David into a specialist to see what his prescription was going to be. The Doctor put eye drops into his eyes to open up his pupils to see deep into his eyes. He discover that David is farsighted, actually he is very farsighted.
Have you ever heard the term coke bottle glasses? Well if they still made lens that thick he would have them. The prescription he was given is called 300+. Which means that he has a really hard time seeing things that are close to him. I am not sure as to how much he can see without his glasses. I think that he can see shapes and colours but most things are blurry to him. It was neat for me to see him interact with his toys after having his glasses. He seemed to be fascinated by little details on the toys. I am excited to see how life will be different for him in the future with the ability to see everything around.
We had the hardest time finding glasses that fit him. He has a small face and needs one of the smallest sizes out there. Most of the frames that we found were pink or purple. After going to four different places we found the pair that we bought. They fit him the best and he didn't try to take them off. Both Chris and I are very happy with how they look on him. Now are challenge will be to convince him to wear them all the time.

I think that he is so cute with his new glasses!


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