Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sick Kids

The weekend that Jaclyn was born David got a cold. Its not that big of a deal but then last week his cold turned into a stomach flu. I spent the day between feeding Jaclyn and putting her down and having David fall asleep on me, waking up and then vomiting, falling asleep, waking up and then vomiting, repeat. This ended up being my Tuesday last week. I was very thankful that Jaclyn sleeps a lot so that I was able to care for David. Thankfully the stomach flu only lasted for 24 hours, then all he had was a cold. I thought that he was getting better and then Jaclyn got the cold on Friday and the two of them were sharing it back and forth. So for Easter weekend Chris and I took care of our sick kids. I was so glad that Chris had Friday off because that was the worst day.
Jaclyn is starting to feel better now, I have been feeding her extra feeds in hopes that it helps her get over her cold faster. She has also been sleeping a lot which is also good.
David is still sick with his cold and is still clingy to me, he usually is when he is sick. I think that the most frustrating thing for me is that he is not sleeping as much as he should be for a sick child, not enough for a healthy child for that matter. He is waking up at night and is fighting me with all of his energy (and that's a lot for a sick child) for his nap times. I am praying that he gets better really soon and that his sleeping goes back to normal as well.
As you can imagine I am very tired and still recovering for surgery. So please pray that my kids get better and that I am able to get some rest.

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Tara said...

Oh Katherine, I will most certainly pray for you! I have 3 sick kids over here as well. No rest for us mommies.

I'm thinking of you!