Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Pictures of our Kids

I thought that I would post some more pictures. I have some here that our from the night that Jaclyn was born and also some from when David met his little sister for the first time. It is one of those moments that I don't think Chris or I will ever forget.
Here is a picture taken of Jaclyn when she was only two or three hours old.
This one was taken the day after she was born, I love how perfect she looks.
This one was taken shortly after I was back from recovery and was able to hold her.
Here is a picture of David meeting his little sister for the first time. He had a big smile on his face the whole time that he was looking at her. So precious!!
Here is David giving her the first of many hugs.
David is really loving being a big brother, he wants to hold her all the time and give her hugs and kisses. He can't say her whole name, so he ends up calling her "Jac-Jac". We think that it is very cute and wouldn't be surprised if he called her "Jac-Jac" as his speech develops more, even when he can say her whole name. They are very cute together, Jaclyn will just stare up at him when he holds her.
As I am writing this David is watching Baby Einstein and just asked me to show "Jac-Jac" the orange color in the movie. It was very cute!



Tara said...

beautiful pictures Katherine. I hope you are recovering VERY quickly!

Diane Strain said...

Dear Heimsoths,
congratulations! What a beautiful little girl you have. We can't wait to meet her.
Hope you are recovering well from the birth Katherine, remember to take good care of Mom too.
Give David a big kiss from his GREAT Auntie Diane.
With much love,
the Strains