Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Little Butthead Won't Sleep!

Now I say butthead out of Love. You see David has decided in the last few days to stay awake for one of his naptime. Sometimes he will fall asleep just before his next feed but not all the time. He is usually a happy baby during this time. He will sit in his chair and make faces, lay in his bed well I clean his room or we will play together and now he is making different noises as well. It is really cute. I feel bad for him though because by the time he goes down for his next nap he has the biggest bags under his eyes, but it is his own fault (well maybe a little of ours he did inherit both our stubbornness). Poor kid he just doesn't want to miss anything.
Well I should go it is almost time for his next feed and I can hear him in his room.......not wanting to sleep again.

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Dawn & Stew said...

How ironic, my girl won't wake up, and your boy won't fall asleep...
This is funny. It goes to show that each child is completely different from the other no matter what day they were born! He is quite a beautiful little boy.