Saturday, September 16, 2006

Boy in the Hood

Ahh, sweet movie refrences for titles. I would feel worse about doing it, but I am not exactly the only one who enjoys doing it, which makes me feel that even if I am lame, at least I am in good company. The alternative title name was "Mamma said knock you out" but I figured I might catch a few more people with the first.

Anyway, life has been crazy for all of us lately. We have had more company, including a great grandparent, a great uncle and aunt (and I am not refering just to quality, but to relation), as well as his Aunt back from London, the jet setter (my sister). As well, David has survived his second and final baby shower. He is actually quite good with being passed around, which is good considering he is a PK and that is just going to happen anyway.

He has been growing like crazy lately, which among other things means that he fits into some really cute outfits that he has been given. It's been really cool to start putting him in real clothes, and he is insanely cute in them. Just wait until you see some of the pics that we will slowly dole out on Flikr and on the blog. The sad thing is that on some of the clothes we have been given at the baby showerrs, we have to wait a year or two (or 4 in one case) before he can fit them.

Hmm, what else....oh, in case you didn't know, David has been awarded the "cutest baby in the world" award. As his Parents, we are of course, very proud. He seems to be taking the title well, and hasn't yet got a big head about the whole thing, which is good.

More to come...same Blog time, same blog address.

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