Friday, August 11, 2006

David, Destroyer of worlds

Hey everyone, just thought we would throw another post on here. So here is David doing his fierce "I am a jungle cat ready to pounce" look. He is truly a formidable opponent to anyone unwise enough to challenge his might.

Seriously though, he is quite a force when he doesn't agree with what Katherine eats. As we have been lucky enough to discover, he doesn't like wendy's food (not a huge surprise) and he also doesn't like potato Salad. Spicy food in general is a bit of a risk, which is sad, but he is worth the loss of my tasty Picante dishes for a while.

Besides that, not a lot of news. David has gotten the chance to meet a lot of relatives and friends lately, which has been really great. The down side is that his schedule has not been the most stable, which is a bit of a complication to him being the calm, peaceful child we have often enjoyed. Luckily he bounces back quickly and within two feeds or so, he is all good again. So we really don't have much to complain about.

Heimsoth's out

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Colin said...

Best post title ever!!