Friday, August 18, 2006

The concept was Good...

So, we had this idea, that while we were down on the coast a week ago, we would get together with Josee, Jeremy and their son Joe (He's the one in green) as well as Travis, Rosie and their son Spencer (He's the one in the plaid shirt) and to take pictures of the three boys together. To top it off, we had these little foam balls at the house that were from three different sports, so each of them could hold a different ball. It was overdone and cute, but a good idea... the execution of the idea wasn't the greatest. We had a very limited time when we were all together and all three of the boys were awake. The problems began when Spencer decided he wanted to get home and started to cry, we got him a bit ok with it by distracting him with some noise maker and by then, David decided that he had had enough of leaning up against Spencer and all the commotion and started to cry too, meanwhile Joe, the oldest, just got majorly confused by the whole ordeal and didn't even want to sit close to the other two. At the end, this was the best we could manage. It worked, but not quite what our concept was. That sort of sums up the last little while.

The whole idea of the trip as a whole was to make a low impact trip down to the coast which would have a baby shower, a trip to Ikea and a trip to church in it. The rest of the weekend, we were just going to rest by the pool(albeit with some major shade for David). Well, like the pictures, it didn't quite go as we had planned. The shower ended up being a all-weekend affair, with people randomly showing up, talking for a bit, wanting to meet David, and all of that. Plus the actual shower, for those that could make the scheduled time. So the weekend started to fill up, with that and a bunch more that started to get put into the whole weekend down there. By the end, it was a good weekend, but not quite what we had thought it would be. Luckily, David handled all the craziness and attention very well, which was nice, and the whole trip turned out to be a lot of fun.

So don't get too set on the concepts and initial plans and life can be pretty sweet.


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