Sunday, August 04, 2013

Star Wars Birthday Party

For David's 7th birthday he asked for a Star Wars party. 
Chris and I love planning and throwing our kids birthday parties, and we try to make them into great memory makers for our family. 

David decided that he only wanted a smaller group of kids this year, which turned out to be a good thing for us since we decided the theme would be "Jedi Training" with everyone getting a "lightsaber".

Every "Padawan" (Jedi-in-training) gets hungry after a hard training session. So, of course we had some Star Wars snacks.

Chris had the kids doing different Jedi training. They had to fly an X-Wing and shoot the death star before they could learn to control the force. They were given a makeshift X-Wing built with the leftover duct tape and a two banana boxes. Then they learned to move things with the force (a balloon tied to some dental floss pulley).

Lightsaber training: First the kids worked at keeping a balloon in the air, which was a bit of a trick because of an unexpected breeze. After that, they learned some basic moves, and then got to practice on each other before defeating a dark Jedi (thanks Travis)

For a birthday cake, we decided to go out of our normal comfort zone and do an Ice Cream cake, Han Solo in Carbonite. The outside was chocolate melts mixed to grey, and cookies and cream inside.

 I think it is safe to say that David was happy with his cake, and his whole birthday party.


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