Saturday, February 02, 2013

Star Wars t-shirts

Here is another fun craft we did that was inspired from a pin I saw on Pinterest. I found the original post here. It had a full set of step by step instructions that helped me recreate these t-shirts for my kids. The mom who writes the blog is very creative and I have found myself going back to check out some of her other posts since finding this one. Go check her blog out, Finley and Oliver.  I'm sure you will be inspired by her writing and creativity as I was.

Over the last few months we have been introducing our children to the world of Star Wars. So far they have loved every part of the Star Wars movies they have seen, asking questions about character back-stories and why they are doing things, they love to recreate the story and anything else you can imagine that goes with Star Wars. The love that my children have found in Star Wars makes my husband happy, since he has always been a big fan of them and now it is getting picked up by our children.
They have asked me many times for a Darth Vader (or any Star Wars character) t-shirts. After looking at the stores and not having much luck in finding the right sizes or for a reasonable price I started the search on how to make our own. That is when I came across this pin on pinterest.

As you can see from their faces they are very excited that we now able to make them some of their favorite charactor shirts.

Jaclyn is already asking for a Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia t-shirts.
David wants a Han Solo and Storm Trooper t-shirt.

This method of t-shirt stenciling is so easy to do that I think I will be trying a few other characters in the future.


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