Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Rock Stars

For months we have had our Rock Band Wii game in our living room corner and both of the kids have been wanting to play with it. So on the day that we set up the game for them to play they were so excited. They each picked an instrument, David the guitar and Jaclyn on drums. Once they started playing they became comfortable with the game, really getting into the music and the "proper" Rock and Roll stance. 
We set it up so that no matter how good or bad you played the game would play through the song.
The music that they both loved to play the most was 70's rock, which made me smile after all that's one of my favorite genres of music.

Pictures taken April 9, 2012
Both claim to be rock stars, and now they can get an early start on their music careers, even if it is the Wii version of it.


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