Monday, August 22, 2011

Craft Time

My kids love doing crafts. They get so excited every time there is another craft that I bring out. This time it was painting their own Dinosaur banks. David had gotten one for his birthday and we found another for Jaclyn to have one too.
 Both of them have their own plans for how they go about doing crafts, and they each had very specific idea's for how they wanted their banks to look.
 David was going for some sort of superhero/dinosaur mix. His dinosaur ended up wearing a superhero costume.
 Jaclyn's was a bit more free form "let's get as many colours together as possible" approach, but they all had to be in the "right" places. She was not impressed about suggestions to put some colours in spots that she did not want them.
This was the results of their creativity, as well as lots of fun. It was a fun morning project.


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