Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Love You Day!!!

When we started having kids we decided to make Valentines day special for us as a family.
I called it "I Love You Day!" I usually get a few little things for the kids and I blow up some balloons. This year we did crafts as a family and also made cards for each other. Then we put hearts up because David was insistent on having decorations.
Due to Chris's work schedule we waited until today to celebrate it as a family. Yesterday when we were out the kids each picked out a little something for each other. David loves to give things to his sister and Jaclyn is starting to learn as well and wants to give things to David as well. They just love to see each other smile.

Last night Chris and I stayed up late getting everything ready for the kids. We wanted to make a cake for today, but also wanted it to be a surprise, so we baked it and decorated the whole thing last night. It didn't end up having as much decorations as I initially wanted however I still think it looks cute and I know the kids will love it.
The kids were so excited this morning with everything. Jaclyn has been walking around the house saying "surprise" "balloons." And David is giving us hugs and kisses and saying "I love you."

side note: David already had a Mickey Mouse and Jaclyn already had a Minnie Mouse. The Disney store had a fantastic sale and we bought them the opposite one so they each had a set.


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