Thursday, November 19, 2009

Waiting for a muffin

Here are our two kids sitting on the new "visiting chair" that was given to us by the kids grandparents. I have it just off the kitchen and the kids like to sit in it while I am making their meal and talk to me.

This morning I pulled out some of our Christmas decorations and we started to put them out. During this time I sat down with David and we talked about what Christmas was all about. I told him that we were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We also talked about what Jesus' birthday and His coming down to earth means for us. After we talked a little more about what we were celebrating David asked if we could make a cake for Jesus. I told him that I would love to make a cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday and Christmas.

This is the conversation I had with David after his nap today:

Me: David would you like a muffin for your snack this afternoon?

David: No mom, I want to wait until Jesus comes!

Me: (Trying not to laugh) What?

David: After Jesus comes for his birthday and cake!

Me: Oh........well I think we need to talk a little more about when Jesus is coming.

David: For his birthday at Christmas.

Me: David, Jesus won't be coming to our house for Christmas. Do you remember reading the Bible and talking about how Jesus was born on earth and now is living in heaven until it is time for us to go and be with Him?

David: Oh, I forgot............can we still have cake?

Me: Yes we can still have cake.

David: OK, Thank you mom!

Me: Do you want a muffin?

David: No, I'm OK


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