Thursday, July 23, 2009

David turns Three!

Well David turned three on July 19 and we had a wonderful weekend. The kids grandparents came into town, which the kids always enjoy. We went to Stanley Park, had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party and celebrated with Davids birthday twin Jenna. (They are born an hour and a half apart at the same hospital. Her parents are good friends of ours)
Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Jaclyn and David playing at Stanley Park.

Here are David and Jenna on their birthday together. Ever since they were babies David has always wanted to be close to her. When they were about 7 months old David sucked her toes. As soon as he could walk he started to chase her for kisses and hugs. He would get so excited when she would let him hug or kiss her. It was very cute! Well it seems that the tables have turned a bit. Jenna now loves to hug and kiss David and he will run or say NO to her. Right after this picture was taken David moved over away from her.
They are so cute together, and they have a lot of fun playing with each other.
Jaclyn playing at David's party.
David going to make more bubbles.
The kids outside with the bubbles.
I made Mickey Mouse capes for all the kids that came to the party. They all loved them and wore them all afternoon.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake


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