Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In my last blog I said that I would be writing a full update for my next entry. So here it is.......
Chris and I have finished up our time in Kamloops at the end of last year and we moved our little family back to Abbotsford. We are in the middle of selling our house in Kamloops and have bought a townhouse here in Abbotsford. Right now we are setting it up and enjoying not doing any renovations. (This is the first time that Chris and I have bought a house that doesn't need any renovations on it. It is weird but very nice!) Chris has decided to go back to school for his Masters degree either in September of 08 or January of 09. For the time being Chris is working at a company doing shipping and receiving. Not exactly what he is use to but we both feel the that we need a break from working in a church setting. Chris is enjoying his job as much as he can, he has a lot of time to think and pray which is always good. David is just over 19 months old now and is keeping really busy. He is starting to talk a lot now and is developing more and more into his own personality. It is very fun to watch, sometime Chris and I just sit and watch him play or talk. We love being his parents. I am 37 weeks pregnant with our second child and am getting ready to meet our new little one. Every morning David will say good morning to the baby and give my belly a hug and a kiss, it is very cute. I am slowly setting up our house with the help from family and friends. Thank you to all that have helped me :)
Well that is the general update on the Heimsoth family.
In the past this blog has been mostly about David and how he is growing up. Well I am going to be adding updates on all four of us now. So that everyone reading will be able to keep up with what is happening with us.


Jamie and Jennica said...

So you're back in Abbotsford eh? What's your phone #? The next time I'm in the area I will definately give you guys a call. Actually, Jamie and I attend a church in Abbotsford (even though we live in Vancouver). It sounds like you guys are doing well. Sometimes a change of pace is good and refreshing for us!! Remember when I got lost in Vancouver and you guys came down from Abbotsford to rescue me? Too funny!!

Jinny and Colin said...

Hey guys! I'm glad that things are going well amidst all the upheaval. Where's Chris thinking of going to school? We're selling our place this summer...does he want to go to CTS? :) hehehe
Love you guys.