Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

Hey everyone, sorry that we have been a bit busy lately and haven't been updating our blog for a bit. We have been a little sick, with at least one of us in the house sick at any given time for over a month now. It looks like we are through most of it now, so hopefully we can get back to normal a bit.

David is growing so fast still. It's kind of alarming, especially when you think about the fact that it is only going to be faster in the future. he is now fairly cognisant of the fact that he actually controls his own body, meaning among other things that we have a constant need to pick toys up that he throws out of the stroller when we aren't looking. So far, we haven't lost any of them, but I don't think the streak will stay alive to much longer.

We thought you would like to see David in his festive attire, he is modeling a hand made touque and a santa's little helper shirt. As much as we are not going to go into the whole santa thing much with David, we did think the shirt was cute, as well as free since it was a hand me why not. Anyway, we will try to post a little something of Christmas day.

Heimsoth's out

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The Purvis family said...

Hey guys, David is really looks like he's growing fast. Hope you had a great Christmas. Drop us a line when you have a chance. Oh, yeah, we have a webcam now so if you're ever online with MSN at the same time as us, we'll chat then. Peace out.

Steve, Kim and Rory