Thursday, November 09, 2006

New stuff all over

This past week has been a week of discovery and firsts for David. Last weekend David giggled, now he has been making different noises for awhile, but he giggled a real giggle. The best part about it is that both Chris and I were with him when he did it the first time. Which I have to say was very cool, Chris really wanted to be there for it. I am very glad that David waited until then.
David has also been learning over the last few weeks to use his hands better. He likes to just stare at them as he moves them around, he is also interacting with his toys a lot more which is also a lot of fun to watch.
And the last piece of news about David is that he started to roll over on Tuesday. The first time he did, he was in his bed for his nap (he sleeps on his stomach) I went in to check on him and he was on his back. I was so surprised and excited I put him on his stomach to see if he would do it again and he did. And now when we play on the floor he is enjoying the fact that he can decide how he is lying. Chris and I are very excited about this. In fact just the night before Chris said to me that he was wondering when David would start to roll, and now he is.

Anyways we are both very excited and wanted to share this with you all. Here is a video of him rolling over if you want to see for yourself, you just have to be patient at first, since he doesn't seem to want to roll right away.



Jana Bjorndal said...

You guys that to sooo cute !! I love the video !! oh he is getting so big !!

Anonymous said...

Wow is David growing up fast or what?? He is totally adorable (Grandpa's can say that). I continue to love reading your blog and keeping up with pictures and now videos! Thanks to you both so much for making this possible for those of us who are not close enough to see him often.
Grandpa Heimsoth